Nuuksio National Park is located in Southern Finland with only 30 minutes from Helsinki or Airport! - Beautiful Nature and Lake View!
Travel Nuuksio - National Park in Finland


In Nuuksio there are several places to visit the traditional Finnish Sauna. Polku Hotel has a total of 17 new rooms and suites by the Lake Kurjolampi. In addition to the rooms, the hotel has an excellent modern restaurant, lounges, meeting rooms, a gym – and of course Finnish saunas! This sauna is a unique hut by the lake.

Polku Hotel was opened in 2022, offering accommodation, catering, programme services and equipment rental at Kurjolammentie 38, Vihti. Saunas are usually available for hotel guests with cheaper price with more information at the Polku Hotel website. You can also book your own private shift at the beach sauna from the Polku Hotel.

Sauna Nuuksiossa on varattavissa alhaalla olevasta linkistä. Nuuksion tilaussauna, tai oma saunavuoro Nuuksiosta lähellä Helsinkiä.

More information about the Polku Hotel Finnish Sauna in the Nuuksio National Park (